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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is vinyl lettering?

Vinyl lettering is a fun way to decorate without the mess of painting. There is easy clean up, and it can be changed without repainting. Vinyl lettering is pre-spaced cut letters in the size, font, and color of your choice. You can even be creative and cut between words and phrases to put them in a unique layout of your choice.

Will vinyl adhere to any surface?

Vinyl lettering and graphics will adhere to most surfaces including some that are lightly textured, but will not adhere well to stucco or other roughly textured surfaces.  If putting vinyl on a painted surface make sure the paint had plenty of time to dry.

How do I determine the height of the lettering?

To determine the height of the lettering measure from the top of the tallest letter (capital A) to the bottom of the lowest letter (lower case g). Always keep this in mind when you choose the font size. Not all letters are the same size, it depends on the font. You can see an example of this on the How to order page.

Can I clean vinyl?

Yes.  Carefully clean the vinyl with a damp cloth. It will not become damaged from cleaning.

How do I remove vinyl?

When you are ready to remove vinyl from your walls or other surfaces, gently pull it off.  Sometimes using your fingernail to get a corner started works well.  Vinyl that has been in place for a  long period of time may need to be slightly heated with a blow dryer or heat gun before removing.

Can I reuse vinyl after removing it?

No. Once the vinyl has been used on one surface, it should not be removed and used again.

What is an overlay?

The term "overlay" is used to describe a vinyl quotation that is applied over another one. For example, you may have the word "LOVE" in 5 inch vinyl with the phrase "Two hearts, Two lives, One love" in 2 1/2 inch vinyl on top. You can see examples of overlays in our photo gallery. 

Will I need to apply each letter individually?

No. The lettering comes pre-spaced, so that you can apply it all at once.

Can I order things that are not shown on your website?

Yes, I can make whatever you desire. Let me know what you need and I will get it done.


If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me.

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