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How to Apply Vinyl

Follow these simple directions to apply vinyl:

1. Prepare the surface by cleaning it. If applying to a wall just make sure it is free of dust. (avoid cleaners containing alcohol or abrasives). Windex works well.

2. Temporarily position with tape where you want the word strip and then measure.  Make sure to measure from the actual vinyl and not the backing paper.

 3. With the tape holding the word strip in place slowly peel away the white backing so that the letters remain stuck to the transfer tape.  When applying longer phrases it is sometimes helpful to do only half of the phrase at a time. (taping it down in the middle to keep the other half in place)

4. Place the vinyl on the wall or object and smooth over the vinyl a few times with a straight edge, such as a credit card, to adhere it to the surface you are putting it. If the walls are textured you may need to use your fingers to press letters into the grooves.

5. Slowly peel the masking tape from the wall or object at a 45 degree angle making sure the vinyl sticks to the wall. Use your finger if necessary to help it adhere. Smooth any remaining tiny creases or bubbles.

To remove:

Just peel off the vinyl. If there is any resistance warm with a hair dryer or heat gun. The vinyl cannot be used a second time. Enjoy!

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