Jackie's Designs
Vinyl Lettering & Graphics

How to Order

To make an order:

e-mail or call me with the following information:

1. Know the Quote or Graphic that you want and if you have any special way you want it written make sure you specify. If you need a list of my graphics contact me and I will find one that fits your needs.

2. Figure out the size you want it to be.  If you are not sure then measure the area you want it to fit within and I can make all the letters fit in that area.  If it is an overlay make sure you specify both sizes.  Keep in mind the size of the letters goes from the very top of the letter in the phrase to the very bottom of the letter within the phrase.  For example:

3. Pick out the color.  If it is an overlay make sure to pick two colors.

4. Pick thefont.  If there is an overlay specify if you want different fonts.

5. Then with this information contact me.  If you want to preview your letters or graphic just let me know in your e-mail.  Can't wait to hear from you!

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